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Firearms Safety Courses in Everett, WA

Everett Indoor Range

Everett Firearms Training

Hunter's Education Course

Range Events


In addition to training classes, our Indoor Shooting Range holds both regularly scheduled shooting events, and the occasional themed shoot or special occasion shoot.


Upcoming Events: Handgun Classes, 1639 Mandated Safety ClassDefensive Rifle Class, AR Build SeminarLadies Shooting Club

Special Shooting Events include: H&M Action Shot, Date Night, Zombie Shoot, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, and more! Email the range for more information.

Ladies Day: Every Thursday, we take the day to encourage our female shooters to come on in and practice their shooting skills. Whether you're an expert shooter, just trying to stay fresh with your carry weapon, or are still trying to find the right firearm(s) for you; you are invited to come in and take advantage of the atmosphere and perks. Check out our Ladies Shooting Club as well! Both are held on Thursdays.


*Please note: The highlighted date on the calendar below is to mark today's date. We are closed on Mondays, and major Holidays,

which will be marked as "CLOSED" on the calendar.*

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