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Welcome! We're happy you've found us here at the Resource for Armed Women. Your questions on all things self-defense can be answered here! If you don't see the answer to a particular question you have, but found a related article, post your question in the comments! We'll be actively answering comments and updating articles with answers to your questions. This is a community resource dedicated to educating women in all stages of learning and interest, so there are no questions you cannot ask!

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How To Get Started:

Questions to Ask at the Gun Store
Finding (& Choosing) a Local Range
Understanding the Laws

Mastering Safety:
Universal Firearm Handling Rules
Proper Range Etiquette
Safe Firearm Storage

Practice Makes Perfect:
How Much Practice is Enough?
Proper Stance & Grip
Mastering Your Sight Alignment
Loading & Unloading Your Firearm


Learning the Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Best Beginner Classes
Training to Carry Your Firearm
Learning Defensive Skills


Concealed Carry:
How to Obtain Your CC License
Most Popular Firearms for Women
Choosing a Holster
Understanding the Laws

Situational Planning:
Kids & Firearms Safety
Home Defense Planning
Traveling with Firearms
What to Do When You Can't Carry Your Firearm

Non-Lethal Personal Protection:
Pepper Spray: Do's and Don'ts
Unarmed Self Defense
Lesser-known Methods of Protection


Other Questions:
Shotguns - What you need to know
Pistol, or Revolver?
Choosing a Caliber
Knives: Choices, Law, and Safety

We are constantly updating and adding to our topics.

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