Gear for the Ladies

Why should women fit into the mold of men's shooting gear? We are different! Not only in our shape, but our fashion, lifestyle, and preferences are always going to be different. The shooting equipment that works for well for men, is not always going to work best for women.


That's why here at West Coast Armory North, we're always looking for great products that were designed specifically for the female shooter. Not only are they "prettier", but more importantly, we've found them to be practical.Companies like Dene Adams, Undertech, and so many more have made carrying, and shooting, as a female so much easier- not to mention fashionable!

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What is Ladies' Day?

Every Thursday, we encourage local women to come in and get familiar with firearms. If you have your own already, it's a great time to come practice. If you're thinking about shooting, or need to figure out which firearm is best for you, come rent one of our over 80 rental guns.Women get a free lane pass every Thursday. And, in case you're just trying it out, we also waive the membership fee for your first 3 visits! If you decide to stay (and we hope you do!), the basic Bronze Membership is only $25 for the year.


Come in and get some shooting done with other local, female firearms enthusiasts!

Introducing the
Resource for Armed Women


Who are we?

  The Resource for Armed Women (R.A.W.) is a comprehensive resource, in person and online, for all of women’s shooting needs and questions. Everything from basic education for the brand new shooter, to continuing education for the experienced shooter- we’re here to help you find and buy the right gun for you, get the proper skills for personal protection, and to create a welcome and safe environment to learn with other women. Coming from over 30 years of combined experience in the shooting industry, from sales, range, instruction, competition, military and more. We are Mothers, Sisters, Wives, and just plain awesome gals. In other words, just like you! Our commitment is to helping you become the informed, skilled, independent women you are, or that you want to become.


What do we do?

R.A.W. is based out of West Coast Armory North in Everett, WA, just minutes north of Seattle. We offer a variety of Events, Seminars, Training, and more. We have already hosted a variety of events, such as Kids’ Safety Day, Ladies Night Out (and shopping events), and we also hold our monthly Ladies Shooting Club. Here at the Range, there are over 80 rentals firearms for you to test out on your path to finding the right one for you. Every Thursday is Ladies Day, too!


Don’t live close to the Range? All our online information can be accessed as a resource anywhere to take to a range near you!

Meet the Ladies of West Coast Armory North

Stephanie started shooting over 20 years ago, and is extremely passionate about introducing women to shooting. She is a Co-Owner of West Coast Armory North since 2014. In her spare time she loves gardening, trail riding and entertaining family and friends. Stay tuned for news on her dog. Stephanie's favorite gun to shoot and carry is the Glock 19 (and she recommends it to everyone!).

Stephanie Kerns



Lynnii just started shooting firearms back in 2013. Over the past few years, she's taken her love of all things purple, and customized both her Glock 19 and her Ruger 1911. Lynnii spends her free time baking, hanging out with all her pets, and with her daughters. She enjoys meeting all sorts of new people, & making new shooters, especially the ladies, feel comfortable at the range.

Lynnii Drechsel

Sales Associate

Martha started formal training after her children were older. With guns in the home, it was important to teach safety to the whole family. It really helps to be married to a world-class Instructor and get personal coaching from him. It's Martha's greatest pleasure to share her love and skills for shooting with women. She also teaches other forms of movement education and loves gardening and fiber arts. Martha also shoots the Glock 19 as her main gun.

Martha Holschen


Felicia has been in the shooting industry since 2012. Since then, she's devoted her time to learning about the best options available to female shooters & enjoys planning events just for women. Outside of WCAN, Felicia also runs a beauty business, and in any spare time she enjoys bonding with her 3 dogs and daughter. Her firearms of choice are the Springfield XDM-9 5.25" for range time, & the Glock 42 for carry.

Felicia Sinclair

Marketing & Events


Jana worked 20 years in Police Records and 5 years Police Reserves in South

Snohomish County area. She came out of retirement to work at West Coast Armory North - and had not shot her 

gun in 15 years. She loves helping women overcome their fear of guns & shooting. When not working at the range, Jana is addicted to HGTV and doing home projects. She shoots her Glock 19, and carries her Glock 43.

Jana Kurrle

Range Safety Officer


Cailen Heaton

Range Safety Officer

Cailen joined the shooting industry for personal safety needs. Now her passion lies in helping shooters gain the skills & confidence that come from training in a supportive environment. Cailen is a coach for the Ladies Shooting Club, and is also a Certified AWSDA Instructor. Outside of WCAN, she can be found spending time with her family, dogs, pastoring, & playing jazz bass! Her carry firearms are the HK VP9 & the Glock 19.


11714 Airport Rd, Everett, Washington, 98204, United States

Phone: 425-265-7143

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